Founder Notes



Saturday 21st June 1997


The meeting was opened at 9:50 hrs. by the Chairman of the Interim Secretariat, Prof. D.M.S. Mosha, by giving a welcoming note and he asked every participant of the founding meeting to give self introduction. This was followed by an opening address by the Chairman who addressed the significance of the meeting and the need to form the Chemical Society.

The meeting started by going through all items on the agenda.

Item No. 1 on the agenda: Adoption on the agenda

Minute No. 1.1: The agenda was adopted by all participants.

Item No. 2 on the the agenda: To receive and consider the draft constitution of the Tanzania Chemical Society

Minute No. 2.1: The whole draft of the constitution of the Tanzania Chemical Society was revisited by all participants by reading each item. The constitution was accepted subject to some corrections and suggestions from the participants.

Minute No. 2.2: There was suggestions from the participants tore-design the logo for the society and it  was agreed that members should be given opportunity to give suggestions in writing and preferable with sketches of alternatives.


After item No. 2 the meeting took a tea break and during this period all participants posed for historical photographs of the meeting

Item No. 3 on the agenda: Election of office bearers of the Tanzania Chemical Society

Minute No. 3.1: The meeting resumed at 11:30 to elect office bearers of the Tanzania Chemical Society. The Chairman of the Interim Secretariat started by clarifying the voting procedures for all posts and then handed over the Chairmanship to the Returning Officer, Dr. M. Muruke from Department of Botany, University of Dar es Salaam.

Minute No. 3.2: Before the election, participants asked the whole Interim Secretariat to resign and this was this agreed. The election started by the conducting the Chairmanship post, which was voted by secret ballot.

Minute No. 3.3: Honorary Chairman

(a) Three names were proposed for the post and the votes for each is indicated in brackets:

1. Prof. D.M.S. Mosha (37)
2. Dr. L.L. Mkayula (9)
3. Mr. L. Malimi (1)

Abstention/spoiled = 0

(b) Therefore from the count vote shown, Prof. D.M.S. Mosha was elected as the first Chairman of the Tanzania Chemical Society.

Minute No. 3.4: Honorary Secretary

(a) This post was also casted by secret ballot. Three names were also proposed for the post. The names and votes they got are indicated in brackets.

1. Dr. G.S. Mhinzi (12)
2. Dr. M.A. Kishimba (14)
3. Dr. S.J.M.  Mdachi (23)

Abstention/spoiled = 0

(b) Therefore, Dr. S. Mdachi was elected as the first Honorary Secretary of the Tanzania Chemical Society.

Minute No. 3.5: Honorary Treasurer

(a) Three names were proposed for the post and their votes are indicated in brackets

1. Dr. Z. Mbwambo (7)
2. Dr. G.S. Mhinzi (28)
3. Dr. C. Joseph (14)

Abstention/spoiled = 0

(b) Therefore, Dr. G.S. Mhinzi was elected as the Honorary Treasurer of the Tanzania Chemical Society.

The following posts were voted by proposing the name of the contestant which needed to be seconded by other participants and votes were obtained by hand count.

Minute 3.6: Vice Chairmanship

(a) Two names were nominated and the votes each obtained is indicated in brackets

1. Dr. O.C. Othman (8)
2. Dr. L.L. Mkayula (34)

Abstention = 7
(b) Therefore Dr. L.L. Mkayula was elected Vice Chairman.

Minute No. 3.7: Assistant Secretary

(a) Two names were nominated and the votes obtained are indicated in brackets

1. Dr. C.C. Joseph (31)
2. Mrs M. Macha (15)

Abstention (3)
(b) Therefore Mr. C.C. Joseph was elected Assistant secretary.

Minute No. 3.8: Members of the council (6)

(a) It was agreed that 10 names should be suggested and each participant should vote by secret ballot six names for the post. The following names were suggested and their votes are as shown in brackets:

1. Mrs M. Macha (41)
2. Ms A.V.F. Ngowi (28)
3. Dr. Z. Mbwambo (41)
4. Dr. Ngassapa (36)
5. Mr. C. Mgina (35)
6. Mr. A. Rwazo (13)
7. Mr. J. Buchweishaija (23)
8. Mr. Y. Ngenya (24)
9. Mr. L. Malimi (24)
10. Mrs Butoboro (15)

(b) From the vote count, 5 members of the Council were obtained and two contestants tied for the sixth position, Mr. Y. Ngenya and Mr. L. Malimi.The election was repeated and the two contestants tied again by obtaining21 votes each. The process was repeated again and Mr. L. Malimi got 25votes and Mr. Y. Ngenya got 18 votes. Therefore Mr. L. Malimi was elected as the sixth member of the council.

(c) After the election process, the Returning Officer congratulated the elected leadership of the Tanzania Chemical Society and handed over the chair to the elected leadership. The participants suggested and it was agreed that each member of the elected leadership to give detailed professional particulars.

(d) The Honorary Chairman started by congratulating the elected leadership of the Tanzania Chemical Society and thanked all participants for the full and smooth co-operation during the whole election process.

Item No. 4 on the agenda: any other business

Minute No. 4.1: The Co-Ordinator of Natural Product Research Network for Central and East Africa, NAPRECA, Prof. M.H.H. Nkunya exploited this opportunity to announce the activities and the role played by the network. He also gave an announcement for the 7th NAPRECA Symposium which is going to be held between 17-22 august, 1997, in Dar es Salaam. He urged participants to apply for the participation to the symposium.

Minute 4.2: The Acting Head of the Department of Chemistry gave a vote of thanks to all members for their positive response and active role they played during the whole process of the meeting, especially the election process.

Minute No. 4.3: The meeting was closed by the Hon. Chairman at13:30 hrs and requested the elected leadership, the council to remain. He asked the members of the Council to work on the following items:

1. Board of Trustees

The following were nominated as members of the board

i) Prof. D.M.S. Mosha (by virtue of his position)
ii) Dr. S.J.M.  Mdachi (by virtue of his position)
iii) Prof. M.H.H. Nkunya
iv) Mrs M. Macha

2. The programme and Programme planning Committee

i) Dr. S.J.M.  Mdachi (Chairman of the committee)
ii) Dr. L.L. Mkayula
iii) Dr. C.C. Joseph
iv) Mr. C. Mgina

3. The Executive Committee

     i) Prof. D.M.S. Mosha
     ii) Dr. S.J.M. Mdachi
    iii) Dr. F. Ngassapa
    iv) Dr. Z. Mbwambo
    v) Ms A.V.F. Ngowi

4. Finance Committee

    i) Dr. G.S. Mhinzi (Chairman)
    ii) Mr. L. Malimi
    iii) Dr. C.C. Joseph

Minute No. 4.4: The meeting of the Council was closed by the Hon. Chairman by asking all the members of the Council to work hard towards the goals and objectives of the Tanzania Chemical Society. The goals were set to produce the first issue of The Journal of Tanzania Chemical Society before end of this year. The meeting was closed at 13:50 hrs.

The Acting Head of Chemistry Department offered lunch to members of the Council at Lion Hotel, in Sinza.

Prof. D.M.S. Mosha 
Dr. C.C. Joseph 
Confirmed at the next meeting

  Prof. D. M. S. Mosha
  Chairman, Tanzania Chemical Society

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