General Information

Prof. Liliana Mammino

Liliana Mammino
Liliana Mammino was born in Pisa (Italy). She obtained a degree in chemistry at the University of Pisa in 1973 and a PhD in chemistry at Moscow State University in 1982. She has worked mostly in African institutions: National University of Somalia (1974-1975), University of Zambia (1988-1992), National University of Lesotho (1993-1996) and, since 1997, at the University of Venda (South Africa) where she is currently a professor in the department of chemistry.

Her research interests comprise theoretical/computational chemistry (her field of specialization), with specific interest in the computational study of biologically active molecules, and chemical education, with specific interest in conceptual understanding and the roles of language and visualization. She has published articles in both areas, for a total of more than 80 articles in journals and more that 120 conference presentations. She is also author of a chemistry textbook, of chemistry resource materials and of a book on the language of science.

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